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Registering as an employee (EU citizen)

The following information describes how to register to live in Ghent city centre if you will be an employee here. If you are living in a house/apartment with postcode 9000 you will need to follow this process. It is colloquially known as the ‘Zuid process’ because most appointments take place

Books about Ghent

Do you enjoy discovering Ghent from a writer’s perspective or just fancy a silent retreat with a good book in the park? In this article I’ll provide you with reading suggestions covering a variety of perspectives on Ghent. 3030

A Conversation with John “Sleepy” Moran of Gent Glas

John Moran Gent Glas

John “Sleepy” Moran is an American artist living in Gent. He runs Gent Glas, which is self-described as “a unique glass studio, gallery, shop, and café located in the heart of Ghent, Belgium.” His artists’ website, Back Door Art, says that “John Moran is a politically and socially engaged hot glass

Our favourite Flemish expressions

When my boss sent an email to say that a couple of people were sat in our weekly meeting 'for bacon and beans', I started to think he might really need a holiday. Turns out that it made perfect sense to him, and the other native Dutch speakers in the


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