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Autumn Gent Festival

OdeGand festival view in Ghent

If you thought that the festival season in Ghent finishes with the close of summer, you have obviously not been living here for long. Gentenaars do not let the seasons define their festival plans. Bridging the gap between the summer festive feeling and the usually rainy Film Fest Gent is

The Curious Case of Ham-Dressed University Pillars

Jan Fabre Gent, Copyright: UGent

An animated discussion on the appeal of the Broche pillar on Korenmarkt or the love-hate relationship of Gentenaars with the Schapenstal (sheep barn, a pet name for the Stadshal on the Emile Braunplein) - these are just the two latest examples of how engaged the city dwellers are when it

2018 summer festivals and events in Ghent

The summer holidays are coming up and here is a post dedicated to all kinds of summer festivals and events taking place in June, July and August 2018. There are many things you can do in Ghent during the summer. In this guide we’ll give you suggestions on festivals and


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