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Diving in Belgium

Diving? Yes. In Belgium? Yes. It might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about sports in Belgium, but one of the country's biggest diving clubs (De Manta) is based in Ghent. With the Belgian and Dutch coastline just 30 minutes away, there are plenty of

My Gent: Gardening in Ghent

Meet Pia who came to Ghent to follow her Dutch partner and then brought a piece of Slovenian tradition to this northern country: a prolific vegetable garden! Like many Slovenians, Pia grew up surrounded by nature and people growing their own vegetables: her grandparents and her parents all tended their vegetable

A Conversation with John “Sleepy” Moran of Gent Glas

John Moran Gent Glas

John “Sleepy” Moran is an American artist living in Gent. He runs Gent Glas, which is self-described as “a unique glass studio, gallery, shop, and café located in the heart of Ghent, Belgium.” His artists’ website, Back Door Art, says that “John Moran is a politically and socially engaged hot glass


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