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How to get help for your income tax return 2019


Latest update: June 2019 Note: personal income tax in Belgium is a complex and demanding topic, so our article does not pretend to be able to answer all your questions. What we hope to give you are some useful guidelines and an overview of different options for finding more information. As

Subsidies for renovating your home

Latest update: February 2019 When you decide you want to settle down in Ghent, you will probably start looking for a property to buy. With the housing prices in Ghent city growing steadily over the past few years, chances are you have to choose between two options: downsizing from your original

Meet the Glocals: First Event Kicks Off

Meet the Glocals is a series of expat events in Ghent where newcomers meet more established expats and experts to talk about their burning issues. Organised by Community Gent, several rounds of the events will take place this year. Read on to learn all about them. TheSquare.Gent caught up with the

All the information in one place: the annual expat event

The annual expat event by Community Gent called “Living And Working in Gent” took place the 5th of October at the amazing Ghelamco Arena in Ghent. This informative event brings together expats and organizations supporting expats to feel more at home in Gent. Expats are defined as people from abroad


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