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Finding a hairdressers and getting your hair cut in Ghent

Where to get your hair cut in Ghent is a hot topic for expats. The cost of a Ghent hairdressers can be a bit of a shock to the system, especially if you’re used to paying 10-20 euros for a haircut back home. At a hairdressers in Ghent 20 euros is reasonable for a guy’s haircut, but women should expect to pay more like 50 euros just for a wash, cut and blow dry. Anything like colouring will likely cost over 100 euros. Some hairdressers don’t allow you to book an appointment, but be prepared to wait an hour in these salons. Also, most hairdressers in Ghent are closed on Sundays and Mondays, and only some are open in the evenings.

The list we’ve put together below is a collection of hairdressers in Ghent recommended by the expats who live here. Location info, websites and Facebook pages, price ranges and days open will all help you find your way to the perfect locks. Plus we’ve added some specialised stores for buying hair products, and some all-important hairdresser’s Dutch so that you don’t have to just point and hope for the best.

Gino’s Hairclub

Location: Dampoortstraat 28, near Dampoort station
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Women: 30 euros for mid-long hair
Men: Up to 25 euros
Good to know: Gino has been running this hairdressers since 1976, so there’s years of experience there. No blow drying or colouring.

Kapsalon Hairstudiodesign

Kapsalon Hairstudiodesign

Location: De Pintelaan 158, near the UZ hospital
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Women: 47-51 euros for cut and blowdry
Men: 24 euros
Good to know: Can make an appointment online

Kapper Kwafe

Kapper Kwafe

Location: Lammerstraat 29, between Vooruit and the library
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Women: 54 euros for cut and blowdry
Men: 22 euros
Good to know: Appointment only. Open late (8pm) Wednesday and Thursday

Bizar Hair

Bizar Hair

Location: Walpoort 6, near Vooruit
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Women: 50-67 euros for cut and blowdry
Men: 28-38 euros for cut and blowdry
Good to know: Can make an appointment online (except for colouring)

Il Divo

Location: Dampoortstraat 19, near Portus Ganda
Website: (unofficial)
Closed: Tuesday
Women: 44-49 euros for cut and blowdry
Men: 22 euros
Good to know: Open on Sundays. Over 30 years of experience. 


Location: Zuidstationstraat 16, near Zuid
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Women: 52-62 euros for cut and blowdry
Men: 35 euros
Good to know: Hairdresser with 30 years experience. Focus on bio colouring products.



Location: Groot-Brittanniëlaan 92, near the Bijloke
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Women: 40-55 euros for a cut and blowdry
Good to know: Mother and daughter-run hairdressers, specialising in colouring. Women and children only.

“Lo.Elle.Coiffure is amazing. They know all the latest trends in everything, so if you’re like me and people look blankly at you when you say “long layers with a sun-kissed balayage”, you’ll love it.”

Mirna, from the Czech Republic

Kapsalon Camillo

Location: Koningin Elisabethlaan 1, near Gent St Pieters train station
Closed: Sundays
Women: 45-51 euros for cut and blowdry
Men: 27 euros
Good to know: No appointments, just drop in. Fridays open until 8pm.

De Salon

Location: DOK ZUID 3, near Dampoort train station
Closed: Wednesdays and Sundays
Women: From 69 euros for wash, cut and styling
Men: From 35 euros for wash, cut and styling
Good to know: Appointments only. Open till late (8pm) Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays



Location: Krijgslaan 279, near the Sterre campus, and UZ hospital
Closed: Sundays
Women: Prices after consultation
Men: Prices after consultation

Cut Paste Paint

Location: Gebroeders Vandeveldestraat 24/001, near Patrick Foley’s Irish Pub
Closed: Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays
Women: 44-54 for cut and blowdry
Men: 27 euros
Good to know: Specialised in hair colouring, from the standard to stripes or rainbow patterns. And dreadlocks. No appointments but check their website for the handy ‘traffic light’ to give an indication of waiting time. English spoken.

“Lieve and her team are quirky and fun. This is a place to go to for a great haircut and perfect colouring, all without the annoying hairdresser’s chitchat”

Nina, from Slovenia

Hairdressers for men only

Most hairdressers in Ghent welcome women and men, but if you’re looking for a place only for men, or for a wet shave, then here are two recommendations:

SideBurnBarbershop –
Barbier Tom –

Specialised stores for hair products

If you’ve exhausted Kruidvat for shampoo and conditioner, and are looking for a more specialised store to buy your hair products, we recommend trying out these two options:

Pro Duo Gent –
Young and Dynamic Kapsalon

Learn some hairdressing lingo

It’s the stuff of nightmares – you’re so proud of yourself for making the appointment and getting through the door of the hairdressers, but then you realise you know no hair-related words (beyond ‘haar’) in Dutch. And of course there’s no ‘going to the hairdressers’ chapter in Dutch class…While a lot of hairdressers in Ghent will speak English, it might take some stress out of the whole process if you can commit the following words to memory before the snip-snip-snipping begins.

  • Snit – style, ‘cut’, but ‘to cut’ is knippen
  • Brushing – kind of misleading. Sounds like they’ll just brush your hair, but actually this means blowdrying it professionally, and is usually the bit that adds the euros to the bill
  • Kleuring – colouring or dying your hair
  • Verzorging – ‘treatment’, usually costs extra
  • Laagjes/opknippen – layers
  • Frou frou – fringe/bangs
  • Scheiding – parting, as in side or middle (same word as ‘divorce’…)

Have you been to any other hairdressers that you’d recommend to others? Let us know in the comments section below

Author: Heather Sills

Guest author
Guest authors are expats and Gentenaars who enjoy spreading the word about Gent to the world. If you'd like to join us, contact us at

2 thoughts on “Finding a hairdressers and getting your hair cut in Ghent

  1. Dear Heather,
    Thank you for this article! I was struggling to find a good hairdresser since years. I already lost hope and made peace with the fact that I always have to go back to my home country for a proper cut, but now again I see the light at the end of the tunnel:)
    I was wondering whether you have a similar selection for the beauty saloons in Gent? It seems to me a similar challenge as the good hairstyle…
    Would be great to hear back from you.
    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards!

    1. Hi Kami, happy it’s been useful to you! We don’t have anything on beauty salons – if you go regularly and you’d be interested in drawing up a list, then just let us know! Or we’ll put it on our list of ideas

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