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Sports in Ghent

Ice hockey Kristallijn Ghent

When you think of Belgium and sport, you may only be able to come up with cycling. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. Professioanl cycling, or ‘wielrennen’ is Belgium’s top sport. But sport isn’t just for the pro’s. In fact, doing sport in Ghent is a great way to not only work off the effects of all the fries and beer, but also the ideal way to meet some new people.


Less of a sport in Ghent, more of a daily way of life, pretty much everyone here uses a bike to get around. You can find out all you need to know about this sport in Ghent from our dedicated guide to cycling in Ghent.


Running is a popular option sport in Ghent, with river and canal-side routes very popular. Read more about routes and groups in our dedicated post to running.


For something indoors, you can join the Klein Pluimpje badminton club (‘pluimpje’ is Dutch for shuttlecock, so definitely a word you’ll want to learn!) All levels are welcome and they rotate partners frequently so you get to meet lots of new people too.

Cyclo Cross

Traditionally, the most famous Belgian winter sport is cyclo-cross, which requires sportsmen on road bikes to cycle over different obstacles, including mud. The Cyclo-cross World Cup runs from autumn through the winter, which means you will be seeing the races a lot on the Flemish TV channels during that time.

Ice Skating

The most traditional winter sport of the Low Lands, ice skating is how the locals have been enjoying winters since time eternal. In the past, the ice skating mostly took place along the canals. But more recently the winters have not been cold enough to allow this to happen safely. Instead of trying to recreate Bruegel-like scenes in the Flemish countryside, seek out the nearest indoor ice rink instead.

Winter Landscape by Bruegel
Winter Landscape with Skaters and a Bird Trap by Pieter Bruegel The Elder, source: Wikiart

If you’re keen to get the winter season started early you can try your luck on ice in Ghent at the Christmas market¬†under the stadshal at the Emile Braunplein. A more permanent option is the ice rink Kristallijn in the Moscou neighbourhood. You can reach it by car, bicycle or bus.

If you would like to investigate the world of ice-related sports, there are several sports clubs in Ghent that can help you with that: the speed skating club LBSG, the ice hockey club Ghent Ghosts, and the figure skating club GSK. Unsurprisingly, all of them are based at Kristallijn ice rink.

Alpine Skiing

Yes, no Alps in sight, but this doesn’t mean you cannot slide down a slope gracefully. Or start learning how to before you head out for a skiing weekend in Austria or France with your Belgian friends.

It is hard to believe, but until about 2003, Ghent had its own active skiing slope! The skiberg is located at Blaarmeersen. While the hill itself is obviously still there, it is no longer used for skiing. City authorities decided that warm Belgian winters were too mild to keep pumping money into artificial snow and upkeep of the short slope. However, I am sure you can find a proper way of using it if snow gods smile upon us! Or just enjoy the view over the city from the top.

Lack of suitable weather conditions means that all skiing opportunities nowadays happen under the roof of indoor snow centres. The closest one to Ghent is just across the Dutch border at Terneuzen. Snowworld¬†offers two snow slopes, a ski school and a slope for children. Don’t worry about not having the latest skiing gear – you can rent it all on the spot.

Two other indoor skiing options, both about about 40km from Ghent, are Ski Inn in Bruges and the slightly optimistically named Mont Blanc at Roeselare. Absolute beginners might want to check out the ski and snowboard school De Dam in Lokeren, where you can learn how to master the slopes on a sort of rolling blanket.

Moose bar, Christmas market Ghent
Dreaming of skiing at the Moose bar in Ghent

The only place where you can actually ski in natural surroundings in Belgium is in the Ardennes. The small skiing resort, which opens as soon as there is enough snow, is situated at Ovifat in the High Fens (Hoge Venen in Dutch or Hautes Fagnes in French). The ski centre Ovifat is about 200km from Ghent and consists of three slopes and four ski lifts. While going by car is probably be the easiest option, you can also reach it by bus from Verviers or Eupen. Once again, skiing equipment is available for rent at the centre.

Cross-country skiing (langlaufen)

Granted, this type of winter fun is hard to find around Ghent. For this one, you will need to wait for snow and head out to the Ardennes. Signal de Botrange, at 694m above sea level the highest point of Belgium, is the national cross-country skiing centre. The distance from Ghent is about 210km. The tracks are prepared as soon as there is enough snow. This is definitely a lovely area. But be aware that it can get quite crowded, especially at the weekends and during school holidays. Here as well, skiing equipment is available for rent.

Have we missed any other types of sport in Ghent that you enjoy? Let us know in the comments!

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