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Best indoor swimming pools in Ghent

Van Eyck swimming pool, Ghent

Do you find yourself in Ghent looking for a swimming pool to do a couple of lanes? Wondering which pool is just on your way to work to get energized first thing or relax after a hard day at the office? Do some pools offer bubble baths or a sauna to soothe your legs afterwards? All these questions are answered in our guide to the best indoor swimming pools in Ghent.  


Located next to the Watersportbaan GUSB is the students’ favourite as it offers the lowest entrance price for Ghent University students. The pool has a 25m lane and is located next to the other student facilities. You may consider combining a swim with a workout or climbing session beforehand, and a sauna afterwards. For non-students, though, this is the most expensive option of all the indoor swimming pools in Ghent.


The Strop swimming pool is my personal favourite in the morning. Through the south-east-facing glass front alongside the 25m lane you can experience the break of dawn – perfect for motivation. The pool is a bit hidden in the Strop district and usually less crowded than GUSB, Van Eyck or Lago Gent Rozebroeken. Make sure you check the opening hours since they vary extremely during the week. After your exercise the bubble bath is a nice way to properly relax.

Historical Van Eyck swimming pool from 1886
Historical Van Eyck swimming pool from 1886

Van Eyck

Named after the Ghent painter Jan Van Eyck this pool is also the oldest in Belgium and opened as a public pool in 1886. Its history shows in the well-preserved Art Deco interior and glass roof. The historic surroundings together with “Radio Nostalgie” over the speakers takes you out of your daily routine. The 25m lanes are usually quite crowded and it is worthwhile going later in the evening to avoid traffic jams in the pool. A note from experience, any public holiday or strike in Belgium will also lead to closed doors, especially at Van Eyck.


Rooigem is another indoor swimming pool located east of the centre. It has 25m swimming lanes and some small facilities for kids to play as well as a bubble bath to relax after exercising. The entrance fee is comparable with the other public pools (Rooigem, Strop, Van Eyck). If you can prove Ghent residency, or that you’re under 26 or over 65, the entrance price is reduced.

S+R Rozebroeken with 50m swimming lanes
Lago Gent Rozebroeken with 50m swimming lanes

Lago Gent Rozebroeken

The Lago Gent Rozebroeken is definitely the most sporty and only facility with 50m swimming lanes in Ghent. At the same time it has a large recreational area for rainy Sunday family visits. But this is not included in the entrance price for the swimming lanes. It is also the most remote swimming pool in Gent, located at the outer edge of Sint Amandsberg. Either you take a warm up cycle ride to arrive there or drop your car at the parking facilities in front of the pool. Competition swimming can be done here as well.

Pool comparison

To sum up, those were the best indoor swimming pools in Ghent, nicely spread over the city and with a variety of lane lengths. Below you can find our comparison of the pools. Enjoy your swim! And in the summer months why not replace some indoor swimming with outdoor exercise at the Blaarmeersen lake. 


Swimming pool Lane length [m] Highlight Sauna
GUSB 25 Cheapest for students Yes
Stroop 25 Bubble bath Yes
Van Eyck 25 Art Deco style No
Rooigem 25 Bubble bath No
Lago Gent Rozebroeken 50 Most sporty Yes

Author: Max Streicher

Guest author
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    1. Hi Saurav Kumar,

      Swim lessons are organised by the “Sportsdienst” of the city of Ghent or privately by Aqua and move in the Lago Gent Rozebroeken. Unfortunately both websites are in Dutch only but it might be worthwhile to use the phone details provided and give them a call for detailed information. Hope this helps!

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