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3 Things to do at the Belgian coast in Winter

Statue of a Belgian king

The dark and cold months of winter are here and while you might be tempted to stay at home under a thick blanket with your favourite Netflix series, the world outside still has something to offer. The Belgian coast is probably not your first idea of a thrilling winter-time escape,

Getting to know Ghent

So you've decided to move to Ghent and you're wondering what life will be like? Our list of 10 useful things to know about Ghent, Flanders and Belgium will help you fit in from day 1. 31

Buying essentials

When you’re visiting a city for a weekend, you can just wander about and see which shops you stumble across. But if you’re living in a new country and you don’t know where to buy a loaf of bread or a pair of socks in a hurry, the simplest things

Treasure hunting at the rommelmarkt

rommel, n : 1 mess, shambles: rommel maken make a mess 2 (ondeugdelijke waar) junk, rubbish, trash rommelen, v : 1 rumble, roll: de donder rommelt in de verte - the thunder is rumbling in the distance 2 rummage: in zijn papieren rommelen - shuffle one's papers (Van Dale dictionary)   Rommel is a word that

Explore the creative shops of Ghent

colourful fabrics at Stoffen Artevelde shop

We all know the feeling: you’ve just moved abroad, the Atlantic storm is howling outside, you don’t have any friends yet and your new work is exhausting. All you want to do on a Friday night is sit down with a pile of wool and knit a comfort blanket for


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