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Rental agreements: paying a deposit

A deposit isn’t a legal requirement in Belgium. But if the landlord chooses to have the tenant pay one, then the conditions of it do become a legal requirement. Be very suspicious if you get offered a rental contract that doesn’t require a deposit. It might indicate that the landlord

Rental agreements: giving notice and renewing the contract

There are four recognised durations for rental contracts in Belgium. Mutual agreement to end a contract before it’s up is always possible without any penalties needing to be paid, but it does need to be mutual, and it’s advised to get it in writing. But if no mutual agreement is

Rental agreements: an overview

Believe it or not, legally in Belgium you can have a verbal or written rental agreement. However, as most people are likely to get, or insist upon, a written agreement, we’re focusing our posts about rental agreements on that. This overview covers what you can expect to see in a


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