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The World of Kina (Wereld van Kina)

The Wereld van Kina (The World of Kina) is a two-part nature museum for children and teens consisting of a house and a garden at separate locations. Kina stands for kinderen (children) and natuur (nature) and the hands-on exhibits are great for engaging kids. 2288

Sky Over Ghent

Have you ever wished you could climb up one of the towers of Ghent at night and get closer to the starry skies? It turns out, you can. On top of the Blandijnberg, in the Plateau-building of the University of Ghent, lies a hidden treasure: a fully-equipped 19th century observatory and

Chilling by the pool

Blaarmeersen stad Gent

It's summer time! While many escape to the south to relax by the sea (after travelling at a snail's pace on the Autoroute de Soleil with the rest of Belgium), you can enjoy that beach feeling at several open air swimming places in and around Ghent. Read on for where


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