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Facebook communities for expats in Ghent

Image of heart filled with country flags - for international facebook groups in Ghent and Belgium

Moving to another country means joining a new community but, as expats, we know that sometimes it can be comforting to get in touch with people from our own country. People who speak our language and share the same background, can give us advice, bring us support or simply tell us about their experiences.

These Facebook communities organise their own events; meetings and activities – which is ideal for when you are feeling a bit homesick.

Find your Facebook community for expats in Ghent/Belgium listed below – connect, meet & share!


International communities for expats in Ghent


Argentina – Argentinos en Gent


Brazil – Brasileiros(a) em Gent e arredores


Bulgaria – БЪЛГАРИ В ГЕНТ!


Czech Republic – Češi v Gentu


Finland – Gentin suomalaiset


French & Francophones – Français et francophones à Gand


Germany – Deutscher Stammtisch in Gent


Hungary – Magyarok Gentben


Italy – Italiani a GENT e DINTORNI



Poland – Polacy w Gent | Polacy w Gent – ogłoszenia | Polacy w Gent (i okolice)


Portugal – Portugueses em Gent | Portugueses em Gent


Spain – Españoles en Gante – El Sol de Gante


Sweden – Svenskar i Gent


Ukraine – Українці в Генті


If you are from the Balkans and your country wasn’t on the list, check out this group:

Balkans – Balkanci u Gentu



Other countries – Communities for expats in Belgium


Croatia – Kroaten in België – Hrvati u Belgiji


Greece – Grecs de Belgique-Έλληνες του Βελγίου-Greeks in Belgium-Grieken in België


NorwayDet norske nettverket i Belgia


Slovenia – Slovenci v Belgiji/Slovenians in Belgium (Bruslov)

RussiaРусские в Бельгии



Other groups

Here are other Facebook communities where all nationalities are welcome to join, for Ghent and Belgium.

Expats in Gent, Belgium

Life in Belgium

Last but not least, join us at TheSquare.Gent Facebook page!



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If you are aware of any other Facebook group, please help us complete this list by leaving a comment below or email us at

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