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De Krook Bibliotheek: A Library For All Of Us

De Krook

There is a new building in Gent that stands out among the rest, perhaps as obviously as I feel I stand out as an American in a crowd of Gentenaars! Sitting in the shadows of the famous stone Gothic towers, its glass and dark metal shines within the city’s skyline

How To Get Internet In Ghent

In this guide I provide you with tips and tricks to fixed Internet in Ghent. I divided this into 6 steps. Starting with an outline why Internet in Ghent and Belgium is expensive. Next, I provide information about download speed and internet provider for your location before showing tools to

Study in Gent – Workshops, Courses, Classes and Study Programmes for adults, in English

Image of people studying in Gent

Feel like studying again? Whether you want to study in Gent to learn a new skill for your hobby, take up a language or get a formal certification to boost your employability, read on. In this guide you can find out all about workshops, courses, classes and study programmes in

Art Nouveau Gems of Ghent

Art Nouveau was a style of art and architecture that was popular from 1890-1910. It was inspired by nature, particularly the forms of plants and flowers. The intricate design style originated in Belgium, the first art nouveau house designs were credited to Victor Horta, who was a Ghent native. Brussels

Books about Ghent

Do you enjoy discovering Ghent from a writer’s perspective or just fancy a silent retreat with a good book in the park? In this article I’ll provide you with reading suggestions covering a variety of perspectives on Ghent. 3030


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