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9 brightest Christmas trees of Ghent

Check out our guide to the prettiest Christmas trees of Ghent and a handy map to plan your walk around this charming city.

1) Post Plaza | The Festive Tree

When it’s time to decorate your tree, the old post office of Ghent is just a gem with a selection of unique Christmas ornaments. There you will also find Skins Cosmetics, a revolutionary Dutch retail that sells exclusive niche brands which might not be well-known in Benelux but always have an iconic status abroad. A Diptyque patchouli scented candle, a Le Labo Rose 31 fragrance or a gingerly caressing body polisher are just a few ideas to pamper your loved ones.

2) Marriott | The Fancy Tree

Ever heard of High Wine? Yeah, that’s the new High Tea – just a boozy version. At Marriott’s wine bar named Poppi, indulge yourself and some dear friends with sophisticated and delicious wine bites. There could never be enough decadent afternoons or evenings spent with good wine, good food and good company during the holiday season, not mentioning Marriott has one of the best views over the river Leie and the historical facades of Graslei.

3) Phildar | The Yarn Tree

Feel like waking up that creative side of you? Ready to take on the challenge of handling two needles and a skein of yarn at the same time? LazyKnitting* is organising a series of workshops in Ghent for the upcoming months. Join the fun!

4) Sint-Jacobskerk | The Impressionistic Tree

Somewhere between St James’ church and Holy Food Market, outdoor magic is created with just some string lights in circles.

5) YD Design House | The Subdued Tree

With only the essentials: a pine tree, some brown needles and eucalyptus branches, and twinkling lights – this is the very first Christmas tree I spotted and fell for instantly this year: clean and green, simple and joyful, light yet rich.

It is standing at the Nordic House – a new favourite city spot that shares the concept of living ‘hygge’ through the experience of discovering, shopping, meeting, working and tasting. Scandinavian spaces are meant to be warm and inviting – the cozy minimalism that is anything but cold or stark to me.

6) Huize Colette | The Book Tree

Personally, this place offers the best hot chocolate in town. They prepare the ultimate comfort in a mug by following a 17th century recipe. At your choice: three basic sorts based on the percentage of cacao used: milk (33.6%), fondant (53.8%) and bitter (70.4%). Perfect way to keep you going if you decide to work there for a change.

Have your eye on one of the books on the the shelves? Just take it home if you prefer to read in a silent environment, as long as you remember to bring them back 🙂

Last but not least, for all the scone lovers out there, myself included, Huize Colette is one of the very few coffeehouses in Ghent that serve homemade scones – with clotted cream and jam of course. Remember the big scone debate on ‘cream or jam first’? Which one do you spread first?


7) Novotel | The Flamboyant Tree

Right across the town hall dating from the early 16th century, this tree at the hotel lobby of Novotel mirrors its neighbour on the other side of the street: Gothic, flamboyant Gothic.

8) Meesterbloembinder Nick Bousse | The Fairy Tree

If you are a hopeless romantic at heart and happen to pass by this florist in old town, the first thing that catches your eye must be bunches of mistletoe hanging on the front door. You know what to do… A hug under the stars and a kiss under the mistletoe, in case this tradition has been too long forgotten. Because what happens there stays there.

9) Sint-Baafsplein | The Swing Tree

Take a seat in one of the giant baubles and enjoy a kiddie ride (literally) on the Christmas tree in front of the 89-meter-tall Ghent cathedral!

Plan your Christmas tree spotting route in Ghent with our handy map:

Have you spotted a special Christmas tree in Ghent? Send us your picture of it!

About the author:

Qing came to Gent in 2008 and spent her college years here. After finishing her MA in Surrey and working as an in-house interpreter at a communication agency in London, she decided to move back to Gent and started her own linguistic and cultural consulting business. Being a conference interpreter and Mandarin language instructor, she feels truly grateful and accomplished to be able to do what she loves for a living. She is an old soul with the wanderlust heart. Taking a bike ride at night is one of her favourite things to do. The scenic views of this lovely city never get old to her. You may connect via LinkedIn or follow her getting around and about on Instagram.

*Full disclosure: LazyKnitting workshops are organised by one of TheSquare.Gent editors.

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