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Buying essentials

When you’re visiting a city for a weekend, you can just wander about and see which shops you stumble across. But if you’re living in a new country and you don’t know where to buy a loaf of bread or a pair of socks in a hurry, the simplest things

Diving in Belgium

Diving? Yes. In Belgium? Yes. It might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about sports in Belgium, but one of the country's biggest diving clubs (De Manta) is based in Ghent. With the Belgian and Dutch coastline just 30 minutes away, there are plenty of

Rental agreements: the plaatsbeschrijving

Plaatsbeschrijving literally means ‘place description’ and - although it sounds simple - it can cause a lot of confusion for expats moving to Ghent, probably because it’s not that common in other countries. Here’s a basic overview of how the plaatsbeschrijving system (a legal requirement when renting a property) works

Meeting new people

Moving to a new country can be especially daunting if you don’t know anyone who lives there already. Whether you’re coming to Ghent with/for a partner or on your own, making new friends is key to settling in. Here is our list of recommended regular events or websites you can


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