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Getting on the SUP board in Gent

This is an image showing 4 people on a SUP board in Gent

Looking for a unique way to experience Gent? Stand Up Paddleboarding, or SUP, might just be what you need! On a sunny Saturday we, the Square.Gent contributors, had a chance to try SUPing in Gent. In this post we share our experience. Read on to find out what it is about,

Gent Free Walking Tours with Maria and Corrado

Free walking tours became a popular trend in every major city around the world during the last years. City enthusiasts would organize guided walking tours to share their view on the city, making a living based on tips received at the end of the tour. In Gent, Maria Mironova (from

Best brewery day trips from Ghent

In 2017, Belgian beer was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. So next time your friends and family come to visit, why not take them on a cultural day out. Here are our 10 favourite brewery day trips from Ghent, complete with info on when, where, how much and


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