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How to vote in elections in Gent

How to vote in Belgium

Elections in Belgium can seem pretty complicated, especially for expats who might struggle with the language barrier. In this post, we’ll give you a taste of how the Belgian political system works, and show you how/if you can vote. Every 6 years there are municipal and provincial (i.e. East Flanders) elections

How To Get Internet In Ghent

In this guide I provide you with tips and tricks to fixed Internet in Ghent. I divided this into 6 steps. Starting with an outline why Internet in Ghent and Belgium is expensive. Next, I provide information about download speed and internet provider for your location before showing tools to

Employment basics

You got the job - congratulations! Now you’re being sent 20 pages of Dutch legalese and you just want to know how much you’ll be paid and when you can go on holiday. The Belgian employment system can be pretty complicated, and there are considerable differences compared to other EU

Registering as an employee (EU citizen)

The following information describes how to register to live in Ghent city centre if you will be an employee here. If you are living in a house/apartment with postcode 9000 you will need to follow this process. It is colloquially known as the ‘Zuid process’ because most appointments take place

Registration General FAQs

Where do I start? We recommend that wherever you’re coming from and whatever you plan to do while you’re in Ghent, you always start by describing your situation to the Infopunt Migratie. You can email them at infopuntmigratie@stad-gent. They will recommend where you should make an appointment and which documents you need

Rental agreements: the plaatsbeschrijving

Plaatsbeschrijving literally means ‘place description’ and - although it sounds simple - it can cause a lot of confusion for expats moving to Ghent, probably because it’s not that common in other countries. Here’s a basic overview of how the plaatsbeschrijving system (a legal requirement when renting a property) works


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